Flex shows you how to:

  • Understand the power gap—the social distance between you and those in the workplace of different cultures, ages, and gender
  • Stretch your management style and bridge the gap with more effective communication and feedback tools
  • Multiply the effect by teaching these skills to others and closing the power gap with clients, customers, and partners to create innovative solutions

FLEX provides a way for leaders to re-define how to lead by understanding, embracing and seeking out differences.

Karyn Detje, Chief Talent Officer, Tory Burch

Changing demographics have placed the United States on an inexorable path toward a genuine multi-cultural society. This resource provides critical information for how leaders can make the journey productive for themselves and their organizations.

Price Cobbs, MD, Author, Cracking the Corporate Code

Read this book. If taken seriously, you will certainly challenge yourself to change the way you lead in today’s global marketplace.

Steve Reinemund, Dean of Business, Wake Forest University, Retired Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

Forbes / Jane Hyun: Switch Your Leadership Style to Manage Diversity